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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chennai Express: Music Review

Music Director: Vishal-Shehkar
Starring: Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone

Chennai Express PosterSo, after my Chennai Express: First Look Review I have come back to you with my music critique. Vishal-Shehkar has produced soundtracks for recent popular Shahrukh Khan films, so its  not surprising they would be the composers for Chennai Express. Chennai Express' songs, for the most part, are a ride to South India.

Chennai Express unfortunately begins with One Two Three Four sung by Vishal Dadlani and Hamsika Nayr, This song begins with Tamil verses and flows in to Hinglish for the remainder of the song. This song starts well, and is definitely catchy, but when the English verse "One Two Three Four, Get on the Dance Floor" comes in the song gets very odd. Especially when they say booty shake. These immature lyrics could have easily been done before, but there was a reason why no one else tried this. 2.5/5

Chennai Express redeems itself with Chinmayi Sripad and Gopi Sundar in Titli. This romantic duet song begins beautifully with Tamil verses and continues in Hindi with Tamil slicing through. Its ethereal instrumentals almost give it a magical touch. Chinmayi's and Gopi's smooth voices transition well with each other. Titli is reminiscent of Chandni Chowk to China's Tere Naina. Refined and delicate it is winner all the way. Officially obsessed. 5/5

Chennai Express: One Two Three Four Still
Four! Booty Shake Booty Shake!
Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na unites Amitabh Bhattacharya and Anusha Mani for a romantic number. This song plays a little on Titli's beats, but its a little fast paced. Bhattacharya sounds uninterested, while Mani excels. This song is purely situational, so it might go well with the film's narrative, but its not good to listen alone. 3/5

Next is Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari  featuring Sunidhi Chauhan, Arjit Singh, and Neeti Mohan. I'm glad to see Arjit Singh-Sunidhi combo.This song is not bad, but it sounds like it should be in a musical. It's cute, and definitely one of the better tracks of the album. Arjit Singh and Sunidhi's voice coincide with Shahrukh and Deepika's. 4/5

The fourth song is Ready Steady Po, primarily featuring Vishal Dadlani and a handful of singers. This song falls into the obscure desirap/electronica/dubstep category. This song is mostly rapped in English and is at the most mildly desi flavored. Its almost like a unbearable second theme for the movie.What were they thinking here? 2/5

Chennai Express Sad Shahrukh and Deepika
"Our soundtrack is disappointing."
"I know. It's sad, isn't it?
SP Balasubramanyam returns to Bollywood with the song Chennai Express. This song starts off horribly, but when Jonita Gandhi's voice comes in it picks up pace a little. I was astonished that this song also had dubstep and a lot of English verses inside. The only good part is the hook "Chenai-ai-ai-ai", and there is nothing more to say. SP's voice has definitely aged. This is supposed to be the theme for the movie, and it's exactly what it is. 2.5/5

Dubstep comes back once again in Titli (Dubstep Version). This song doesn't compare to the original version of Titli, but can work for dubstep listeners, as it ties the major elements of dubstep together with all the right Bollywood elements. 4/5

Chennai Express Mashup is just a deranged swirl of all the songs in the soundtrack with yet another dubstep twist. There is nothing good about this. At moments it gets loud, unbearable and headache inducing. It will most likely be playing as the ending credits are rolling. 1/5

Chennai Express' soundtrack ultimately fails because of its overwhelming use of dubstep and English verses. The soundtrack could have been better if they stuck more to the Indian roots instead of trying to tackle multiple genres. I expect better from Vishal-Shehkar.

My Picks: Titli & Dubstep Version, Kashmir Tu Kanyakumari
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Chennai Express: First Look

Chennai Express South Indian Men with Shahrukh and Deepika Padukone
Director: Rohit Shetty
Starring: Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone

Shahrukh Khan + Rohit Shetty Comedy= No. So far, it looks very dismal. The director of Chennai Express, Rohit Shetty, has brought us the Golmaal series, the fourth of which is slated to release in 2015, and other disasters like, All the Best and Sunday. So keeping the ridiculous action scenes in mind, imagine Shahrukh Khan doing these stunts. Now, look at the poster above. This is how they want to market Chennai Express, by gathering the largest, scariest South Indian men and having them stand around sunglass wearing Shahrukh Khan and Deepika.

Anyway, lets forget for a moment that Shahrukh Khan is Deepika's elder by about twenty years and focus on Chennai Express itself. From the trailer (link below) it seems like a combination of Jab We Met and Veer Zaara. Shahrukh needs to disperse some ashes so he travels from Mumbai to Rameshwaram to do so. On the train ride, he meets Deepika Padukone,  a spunky South Indian, who annoys him to that point that he falls in love with her. In between we have plenty of Salman Khan-esque fight scenes, lots of South Indian men, and exploding cars. I love Shahrukh Khan, but from what I've seen so far...I can already assume this one isn't going to be good.

On the bright side, I can only hope that the music will be great. Chennai Express marks the return of singer,SP Balasubramanyam, to Bollywood. SP was famous for voicing Salman Khan songs  for films like Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Koun. We hear snippets on this his voice in the title through the trailer. The music directors behind Chennai Express the super duo, Vishal-Shekhar, but so far I'm not expressed from the song trailer for "One Two Three Four" (below). To put it politely the song is a major fail. "One Two Three Four" is in the form of a low grade item song. The dancing is simple and the song is unintelligent. I'm sure anyone could have thought of the lyrics "One Two Three Four Get on the Dancefloor". I can only hope the other songs are good. High hopes for SP's return.

Chennai Express is quickly sinking boat. Hopefully the music and the plot will be able to compensate for the poor trailers.

What do you think?