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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nasha: Music Review

Poonam Pandey Nasha Poster Topless
"Ma, I'm Scared"
Music Directors: Siddarth Haldipur & Sangeet Haldipur
Starring: Poonam Pandey and Shivam

Nasha, though not a widely known movie, has been causing waves throughout India with its scandalous posters. We shouldn't expect any less than scandalous from a movie by the director of erotic thriller Jism. Nasha boasts a story quite similar to Ek Choti Si Love Story, where a younger man, Shivam, falls in love with an older woman, Poonam Pandey. Both the actor and actress in Nasha are newcomers, so a fantastic soundtrack might do some good for the movie. Don't be fooled by the pictures, this soundtrack is very sophisticated. 

The Nasha soundtrack is off to an excellent start with the mellow Tera Nasha crooned by Anirudh. His vocals are are flawless when paired with the light guitar instrumental.  This slow, succulent number stretches beyond six minutes, which makes it seem like its going on forever. Six minutes is a little long, but the song is very good. 4.5/5

Actress Poonam Pandey and Actor Shivam in Nasha 2013

The second song on the soundtrack is Laila by Monali Thakur. We have heard many songs titled Laila in the past, but one slightly sets itself apart from the others. This smooth cabaret style number is somewhere along the lines of Raat from Hate Story or Muskaanien Jhooti from Talaash. This song does have a little hook to it and flows seductively from Thakur's mouth. 4/5

From its title Besharam should be a song we should expect from a movie called Nasha. Besharam is a playful  duet with the pairing of Shaan and Anusha Mani. Anusha deeper voice balances out Shaan's smooth vocals. This light-hearted romantic songs is complete with harmonica, piano, and whistling, comparable to Gangster's Lamha Lamha.  4/5

Actress Poonam Pandey in Nasha 2013
Because small wine glasses aren't cool
The Goti Song is totally out of place. It begins with "This is the Goti Song" and continues along that line. It is as if someone is talking. I have no idea where this would go in a movie like Nasha. Its funny, but irritating. The singers Akshay Deodhar, Prakriti Kakkar, and Sukriti Kakkar stretch their vocals, but that is not enough to save this song. 1/5

Laila (Unplugged) features the male voice of Sangeet-Siddarth, the music directors. With just a simple strumming of the guitar, the music composers create something quite different. It is almost good as the original and sounds drastically different song. 3.5/5

We have Nasha (The Addictive Mix), by Sangeet Halidpur, one of the music directors. It brings a slight techno twist  to the original, and Haldipur's voice careens with the rhythm perfectly. This is a remix of the first song, Tera Nasha. This one also sounds unrecognizable from the original  If you ignore the first couple seconds of the song, this is a great alternative version. 4.5/5

The Nasha songs are really good for a movie starring  newbie actress Poonam Pandey and Shivam. Our Haldipur duo does an excellent job of creating a melodious soundtrack. These songs are a pleasant surprise and also have a value off of the screen. One of the best soundtrack of 2013 so far. Get Intoxicated!

My Picks: Nasha (The Addictive Mix), Tera Nasha, Besharam, Laila, Laila (Unplugged)

What did you think about this soundtrack?


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Friday, July 12, 2013

Luv U Soniyo: Music Review

Music Director: Vipin Patwa
Starring: Neha Hinge, Tanuj Virwani 

Prepare to be romanced, well at least in a cheesy way. What else can a movie called Luv U Soniyo promise? The soundtrack is kind of a corny joyride, but nevertheless a ride. This soundtrack combines Mexican delights with the Indian beats. Be prepared for disaster!

Luv U Soniyo starts with one of my favorite singers, K.K, with Tumsa Nahin Hai Koi. The piano puts a beautiful spin on the song, but this song is really like any empowering romance song. K.K's soft vocals rise almost unbearably when he almost screams "Tums Nahin Hai Koi". Anwesha Sarkar's voice comes in towards the later and softens the song a little. Average. 2.5/5

Pyar Tera by Sonu Nigam has a sweet melody complete with piano like the previous song. It almost sounds like it has been pulled out of a nineties soundtrack. There is a corny English part which talks about how great love is. Just no. 2/5

Pyar Tera is done again in Love U Soniyo in Pyar Tera (Unplugged) sung again by Sonu Nigam, This one is a definite improvement on the original. The melody is kept nice and pure, but it still sounds nineties. 3/5

Luv U Soniyo is our title track by Remo Fernandez. This is where we first see our Mexican flavor. This song captures Mexico in a very annoying way, it almost sounds jarring. We hear phrases and words like, pencil, half a dil, bale bale, bhangra bhangra. This song is trying to do too much, and comes across as irritating 2/5

Luv U Soniyo - Neha Hinge and Tanju Virwani
Eww, you got something  nastaaay
on your back. 
Chalo Chalte Hai Mexico is another Mexican tinged song sung by our sweet Shaan. This a softer selection, and thankfully sounds nothing like our title track. It comes across as endearing, but the English pieces "Can't you see you belong to me" spoil it. Still one of the better songs. 3/5

Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, and Joy come together for Youre My Valentine. If you have a thinking close to mine, you are already cringing at this title. This is the ultimate cheesy number of the soundtrack. Its so contrived and sounds like a thousand other songs. It is a mix of romance,dance, and pure cheesiness, especially when they say "Yo-o-u A-rrr-eee My Val-ent-iiiine". 2/5

Palko Hai Phool has the duo of Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan. This song mentions Valentines Day again. From the beat to the lyrics this song is a definite no. Too much half-baked romance. 2.5/5

Love You Soniyo (Mashup) is horrible. Most mashup songs never work. Its just an unsatisfying combination of the entire soundtrack. Don't listen. 0/5

Love You Soniyo has the power to make you cringe at its cheesy romantic songs. The compositions are like leftover compositions of the 90's and early 2000's. Stay away from this one!

My Picks If I had to Choose:  Chalo Chale Mexico, Pyar Tera (Unplugged)

Was this soundtrack that bad as I'm making it seem? You tell me!

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