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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kick: Music Review

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez Kick Poster Alternative Red FireStarring: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, & Randeep Hooda 

Music Composers: Himesh Reshammiya & Meet Bros Anjann

Himesh Reshammiya is continuing on with his 2014 Bollywood escapade in Salman Khan's latest film, Kick, after the musical disaster that was Humshakals. Alongside him, are the Meet Bros Anjann still rivaling in the Hate Story 2 success of Pink Lips.  In this 12 track Bollywood music album, we see repeats of several songs. Having multiple versions of songs seems to be the trend in Bollywood as of late. We have also been seeing many actresses and actors stepping up to the plate and singing behind mike, like Shraddha Kapoor in  Ek Villain and Shruti Hassan in D-Day. Salman Khan lends his vocals to the Kick soundtrack. His leading lady, Jacqueline Fernandez, and co-stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Randeep Hooda, unfortunately, have not contributed to the vocals of this album. 

The Kick soundtrack opens with duo Mika Singh and Palak Mucchal's Jumme Ki Raat. This is exactly the type of song we would usually see Mika Singh in. Himesh seems to be sticking to these desi folk compositions, like Humshakal's Khol De Dil Ki Khidi, also sung by Mika Singh. However, Reshammiya definitely improves on this song injecting it with more life, and making it sound like a pumped up version on Bodyguard (title track), whistling included. Muchhal's vocals come across as decent, but weak. Sunidhi Chauhan, or a stronger female vocalist would have been the prime selection for this kind of song. The winning instrument is,in fact, the Shennai.  Jumme Ki Raat (Version 2) Remix amps up the drums and base, making the song much more enjoyable than the original.  3/5 & 4/5

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez, Kick Argument Fight I just came to have a good time and honestly im feeling so attacked, bollywood meme, funnyJumme Ki Raat (Version 2) features Salman Khan and Palak Muchhal as the vocalists. It is exactly the same as the original version of Jumme Ki Raat. Sadly, Salman Khan does not excel above Mika Singh here. He seems a bit pitchy, almost screaming the lyrics and unable to reach the heights that Singh took it to. Jumme Ki Raat (Version 1) Remix also the same as the Mika Singh's remix version, instead featuring Salman Khan. 3/5 & 3.5/5

Salman Khan is able to redeem himself  in Kick with the duet Hangover . The song is surprisingly mellow for the title, Hangover. Shreya Ghoshal and Salman Khan's voices melt into one another in Meet Bros Anjann composition. This Kick song is multidimensional as this starts as a high class track with the violins preceding Khan's voice, and evolves into an R&B style song as they repeat "Hangover". Perhaps, Hangover, was not the best word choice, as it detracts from the quality from the song, but as in Meet Bros Anjann style they do title this Hindi song with a English word. Thankfully, it wasn't anything like Pink Lips, Pinky or Baby Doll. Something in Hindi seems to be the better choice for Kick, but somehow this track doesn't disappoint too much. 3.5/5 

Hangover (Remix) keeps Salman Khan and Shreya Ghoshal, but adds an additional, and arguably unnecessary layer of beat to the song, detracting from the orginial beauty of the song. 3/5

Hangover Promo Video

The Hangover is redone in Hangover (MBA Swag). This version is the kind of version you would expect from Hangover combined with Swag. The violins and guitar are stripped from this version and are replaced with EDM fused with Punjabi style Desi Beats. We see the some Hindi rapping from the Meet Bros Anjann additionally. This song does detract from Salman Khan's original, and tends to work on the nerves after some time. 3.5/5

Tu Hi Tu is the second romance song in Kick, featuring rising singer, Mohammad Irfan. Irfan has been up an around the scene, making his territory with Banjaara from Ek Villain. His vocals are just as impressive as his previous songs. Light and airy, he sings this song solo, reaching incredible highs and lows with his voice. This song has a light tone, beginning with piano, and having light guitar and violins later on. Extremely tasteful. 4/5

However, the downside of this song has six versions that I will pay little attention to. So the Tu Hi Tu (Version 1) also by Mohammad Irfan, kicks off with a rap and then a reggae, and R&B beat. No. 2/5

Neeti Mohan also has her own version, Tu Hi Tu (Reprise) and Tu Hi Tu (House Mix). Her reprise version is identical Mohammad Irfan's version and is on par with his vocals. The House Mix takes an EDM reggae twist, that is not at all feasible for this type of romantic song, and uses words like "Grind on Him" and "Shine on Him". 4/5 & 2/5

Salman Khan Superhero Kick Mask Black Bollywood Meme FunnyThe third set of versions of Tu Hi Tu are done by Salman Khan, in Tu Hi Tu 2 (Version 2) and Tu Hi Tu (Version 2) Remix. This song doesn't match to Mohammad Irfan's version, but isn't horrible either. Khan's voice sounds a little raspy here and isn't as smooth as Irfan's original vocals. This fortieth Kick remix the same as Mohan's remix and just as bad. 3/5 & 2/5

Yaar Na Miley featuring Yo Yo Honey Singh and Jasmine, is surprisingly the only song that isn't remixed on the Kick soundtrack. This is supposedly the item number of the soundtrack, with Nargis Fakri as the main dancer, which is pretty much all she is good for at this point in her career. This EDM song is a little bland, and offers nothing we haven't heard before. Lyrically, like all item numbers, the item girl is boasting how great she is. Yo Yo Honey Singh's rap is the only bright part of this soundtrack, however he is only it in for a little bit of time. 3.5/5

In the end, Himesh Reshammiya outdoes himself in the Kick soundtrack. Despite the album being weighed down with multiple remixes, this Hindi soundtrack is able to come out as a winner. The soundtrack will definitely help promote the soundtrack, but according to history a Salman Khan movie can't be a failure during Eid. 

My Picks: Tu Hi Tu, Jumme Ki Raat (Version 2) Remix, Yaar Na Miley, Hangover

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bajatey Raho: Music Review

Music Director: Jaidev Kumar
Starring: Dolly Alhuwalia, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Tusshar Kapoor

Vinay Pathak Bajatey Raho Poster
She has a broom and she's not afraid to use it!
For comedy with Vinay Pathak as the main star, we expect mast filled music. Jaidev Kumar, a relatively new music composer to Bollywood has much to prove with this soundtrack, and he achieves it for the most part. He gathers the Punjabi greats, like RDB and Honey Singh for his tracks in an attempt to create a wonderful soundtrack.

Bajatey Raho's soundtrack begins with a fast paced number called Nagin Dance.  This is the first item number of the soundtrack and it's not too bad. Anmol Malik's voice blends sinfully well with the quick tempo. Nagin Dance almost a contemporary tribute of "Main Teri Dushman" from Sridevi's Nagina. This song featured on the British model Scarlett Wilson, popular from Shanghai's Imported Kamariya, and Iranian-Swedish dancer Maryam Zakariya, has not really created a stir in Bollywood. Nevertheless, it is a unique kind of item number. 4/5

Our folksy qawwali-eque song, Khurafati Ankhiyan, sung by Sona Mahapatra has slight retro-seventies undertones with the harmonium. It is quite an interesting composition, but the hook Khurafati Ankhiyan is a bit too cutting for the gentle sounding song. Pretty average, but a good track. 3.5/5

Honey Singh brings in the comedy to Bajatey Raho with Khudi Tu Butter. Our expectations should be high for a song with such an audacious name, but sadly this song doesn't live up to the  hype. This song is Punjabi-electronica synth number. Again, this one is another item number, but its strictly an endless mediocre song. 3/5

Scarlett Wilson and Maryam Zakariya in Nagin Dance- Bajatey Raho
I guess the Brits and Swedish also know about the
Nagin Dance. That's why these two are featured
 instead of Indian dancers
So the theme song is Bajatey Raho. From the get go this song is a rap, and that's exactly what you can expect from out Punjabi rappers RDB. Manjeet Ral is also featured in the number. If you have heard any RDB previously, when you hear thing you will know this sounds exactly like their other songs. Further ruining this song is an English rap interlude. 2.5/5

So the remixes and reprises  come in. Our first remade song in Bajatey Raho is, Nagin Dance (Remix). This version just brings in extra beat and dubstep-ish sound in the background. Its a good alternative to the original, and does not upset the composition at all. 4/5

Then comes Khudi Tu Butter (Reprise) by Gajendra Verma. This one sound drastically different from the first song. It has a addictive almost magical, electronic beat which sets it apart from the other tracks on the soundtrack. This version of Khudi Tu Butter is extremely catchy both lyrically and musically when compared with Honey Singh's version. How could you resist the lyrics "Silky, chocolate hai milky"?  A definite winner and probably the best song on the album. 4.5/5

Overall, Bajatey Raho's soundtrack isn't disappointing. The stronger songs compensate for the weaker songs. It's hard to resist a song called Khudi Tu Butter. C'mon and give it a try.

My Picks: Khudi Tu Butter (Reprise), Nagin Dance, Nagin Dance (Remix)

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